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Windows Live Writer Install Experience

It’s only when I ask my wife to install something on her laptop that I discover how easy (or not) the install experience is.  The number of times I have to get up off the sofa and go and assist always shows up the more frustrating experiences. 

Any of the Windows Live products fill this “up off the sofa too many times” category. 

This morning I installed Windows Live Writer.  That’s all I needed.  So I found the download page (, clicked download and ran the exe expecting to install Live Writer.  First thing I see is this screen:


All I wanted was Live Writer.  Now I know that Windows Live is a suite of programs, but my wife (and I’m guessing many more people who don’t really care what Microsoft are doing) doesn’t, so straight away she doesn’t know what to do.  Does she need these other programs?  Cue first “Daaaave!!” of the install experience.  If you don’t notice these options and just click Install, everything gets installed which takes an age to download and install, when all you wanted was a relatively small blog post editor.

Once the download and install has happened, you get this screen:


Cue another “Daaaaave!!”.  I just want to install Live Writer, why is this asking me about search providers and my home page.  Do I need to do this?  Does it help with the Live Writer experience?  I don’t think I would mind so much if they weren’t ticked as default.  Which, as an aside, “Help Improve Windows Live” isn’t, so they really want you to use Bing and MSN, but aren’t that bothered about improving Windows Live.

And don’t get me started on Windows 7 missing Movie Maker and simple image editing in the image preview, and them being things I have to download from Windows Live.

Anyway, rant over, in summary, Live Writer : Great, Live Writer Install Experience: Sucks.


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